Transformational Coaching

Living your best life means stepping into your greatness. This happens when you are ready to let go of the past and embrace your now, which will lead to a desired future.

In life, we often make choices that aren’t for our highest good, and at some point, we realize that we surround ourselves with people and remain in situations that do not allow us to live authentically and fully.  I help you to have the courage, insight and passion to be YOU. 

-Dr. Indigo


I help people make appropriate tough life/career decisions, weather the storm by becoming resilient, and achieving inner strength by being poured into. Life is sometimes difficult. The day-to-day pressures can be unpleasant. My Transformational Coaching Programme is designed to be a safe space to be you by giving you room to become who you are called to be.

Stepping Into Your Greatness

  • Is life pulling you in different directions and you’re not sure which path to take?
  • Are you living your passion, but you sense it’s not your purpose in life?
  • Is there a you waiting to be seen, valued and heard, but you don’t know how to create the change needed?
  • Does it seem that your actions aren’t aligning with your thoughts and words?

Each session will take you on a journey to self-discovery and inner peace. I’ll help you to live inside the glow when the walls seem to be closing in on you and you need a place to breathe.

Are you ready for a life altering change?

Dr. Indigo’s Coaching Footprint

Dr. Indigo is admired for her down-to-earth methods and techniques, but perhaps more known as an authentic coach who provides insight. Based on her credentials infused with experience, she uses a wide variety of tools, exercises and techniques to help you discover and remove limiting thoughts, roadblocks and obstacles in your life.

Steeped in 25 years of experience in helping people reposition, recalibrate and rejuvenate; she’s a change agent.

What clients’ say is that keeping it real (no bullsh*t) and humour are what makes Indigo Indigo. When supported by her, you feel uplifted, listened to (nourished) and what she says makes sense (comforting) while challenging your thinking.

A Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

Three Distinct Coaching Sessions

My Transformational Coaching is designed to empower you to relax, rebuild, refocus, and reenergize while receiving insight. My coaching programme is grounded in 25 years of best practices around career development and management, and steeped in purpose and wellbeing. It will serve as a coaching session for some, while a respite for others. Through a variety of techniques you will be surrounded with support and guidance.

1-hour Session: Explore Thoughts, Concerns and Needs

This is an opportunity to meet with me to discuss whatever circumstances or situations that are creating barriers, discomfort or hurdles for you. Through exploratory questions and observations, you will share information that will allow me to listen, analyze, and provide insight and guidance based on best practices. Your time can range from resolving an issue to preparing for an anticipated circumstance that you want to address. This can be a stand-alone session or a recurring appointment for ongoing support and development. Offered on-line or in person. 

½-Day Session: Examine Life at Its Fullest

You will receive an assessment(s) to measure anything ranging from communication style, per-sonality traits, identifying fears to finding your strengths, etc.; all depending on what you want to address. Through these assessments you will receive practical real-time and real-world advice that will empower you, help you set goals and identify the best path to take in dealing with your individual and unique situation. This level of attention is based on going to the heart of a situa-tion to examine the root cause(s) behind behaviors to create change. 

1-Day Session: Create Space for Change

This intense yet intimate programme provides the half-day experience coupled with activities such as journaling, guided mediation, exploring limiting patterns of thought, and relaxing in a tranquil luxurious environment to indulge all the senses. You will walk away with accelerated skills to succeed while having a sense of peace. This is an ideal retreat to allow me to pour into you with my comforting spirit that embraces you with compassion. This is a blend of a respite and coaching. 

Gathering Space

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