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I welcome you to my mind wellness page to explore what is my life’s work and purpose. People often lose their way and search for a beacon of light to guide them from the darkness into a safe space. Darkness is experienced through feelings, thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) that can be fleeting or persistent; thus, causing a disruption. This is particularly true for people who knowingly struggle with mental health challenges and people who encounter a storm that can take the form of a traumatic change, life uncertainties and something so overwhelming that you feel alone. Explore this page to see that you don’t have to be alone: I can help you heal.

“To move from shame to sharing, from fear to forgiveness, and from pain to power. That’s what my perfect storm was all about”

– Dr. Indigo

Being In The Storm…

  • Are you sadder than usual and feel that things are becoming hopeless?
  • Do you smile on the surface, but inside you’re crying?
  • Are your relationships strained because of feelings that you don’t recognize as your own, e.g. fear, jealousy, resentment, failure, tired, lonely, anger, etc.?
  • When you look at others, is the sun shining on them, but a dark cloud seems to hover over you?
  • Do you feel disconnected lacking someone who understands how you feel?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, no worries. I’m here for you.

Everyone has mental health just like physical health. It is a part of life to become ill with a cold or maybe something serious like a broken bone from an accident. The same holds true for our mental health. You will become sad or an event can occur which can cause you distress or dis-ease. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a question of when and, what you will do about it. Unfortunately, unlike physically issues we often keep what we think, feel and fear a secret from others and even ourselves.

I provide a safe space for you to be your whole self, share what is happening, discover and understand how to manage your mental health by my giving tools, techniques and solutions on matters of the heart and mind.

My work creates mental harmony, peace and balance, and brings you out of the storm.

If we liken your mind to a road, you will develop potholes at some point in life’s journey. My task is to help you identify the conscious and subconscious potholes. Together we’ll fill the hole(s) with knowledge, understanding, love, trust, and other things that you’ve either lost or had taken away that brought about shame, guilt, anger, loneliness, etc.  Unlike traditional counselling, you can’t just blacktop by talking. We must fill in the hole with substance. Once we fill in the hole, now you can blacktop with self-love, self-acceptance, holistic habits, etc. that I teach you.  What happens in the mind, chips away at the real you. There will always be life challenges that you will need to mentally navigate. Some potholes are unavoidable but can be repaired.

My Mind Wellness Footprint

As a MindSpace Expert: I help people understand and manage what happens within the space of their mind. What I do is so unique and special because it’s beyond coaching and more personal than therapy. I have the credentials and experience to help people with mental health challenges to become stronger, confident, and empowered to deal with feelings, thoughts and fears that reside in their mind.

I speak, lecture/train and coach on mental wellness by infusing research gained in the West with practical wellness approaches of the East. I’m bilingual: I speak English and the language of love, which is universal. Aside from having owned and operated a multimillion-dollar business, I founded Indigo Insights a mental health non-profit. Our mission was to ‘Change the conversation from mental illness to mental wellness’. Indigo Insights was an organization that offered services to assist people in living the life they desired despite a mental health diagnosis. Our services were not designed to replace therapy or psychological help, but rather support and educate people who needed a little extra guidance in managing their life and career due to a mental health challenge. 

My most unique differentiator is my ‘Lived Experience’. While I built a successful business, spoke on international stages, raised three sons, married for 23 years, earned my Ph.D., and more, I kept my mental health challenge a secret from everyone and lived in denial. I was living a public success while living a private mess. It wasn’t until I accepted a mental health diagnosis, put in the hard work of becoming well, and changed my perceptions on mental health that I was able to use it to my advantage and even heal others.

Mental Health Credential

As a contributing columnist for Inc. Magazine, I wrote a weekly mental wellness column for business owners and leaders. I’ve written five books to include a mental health book titled, Dueling Dragons: A Bipolar Journey from the Darkness into the Light which is purchased by universities, mental health facilities, and people throughout the world who have or is living with someone with a mental health disorder. The book is grounded in research and serves as a resource for healing and managing mental dis-ease. 

I received my Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership with an emphasis in mental health from Benedictine University, hold a MA in Organizational Development from Webster University, a BA in Radio & Television from Southern Illinois University, and a AAA in Communications from Waubonsee Community College (all of which had a minor in Psychology).

I taught Psych 405 classes at DeVry Institute of Technology (DeVry University) which allows me to have a special connection with young adults and college students. I have a special gift for working with people with suicidal tendency, ongoing depression and an actual diagnosis.

I worked with some leading and top organizations that I will not list based on confidentiality. I provided workshops, offered wellness forums and retreats and worked closely with individuals some of which contemplated suicide.

Dr. Indigo Mind Wellness Services

For Individuals

Through tailored assignments, real-time activities and introspective exercises you will develop the ability to manage your mental health to actually heal and become well. You are unique as the many problems that exist and the way you interpret and deal with them require more than the traditional counseling relationship. You will benefit from my radically authentic style of ‘healing’ to regain hope and instil courage to face what is happening in your head. My focus is to remove negative thoughts and feelings and help you to replace them with affirming, self-acceptance and holistic self-care.

Mental health is on a continuum from excellent ‘being well’ to poor which is ‘illness’ and many things in between. You can be optimistic, happy, etc. but you may lose your job, experience a death in the family, break-up, etc. which could cause you to experience depression, anxiety, fearful, anger, etc. This can be temporary, even fleeting, or a long-term issue; whereby, you either need to or want to speak with me. Mental health is fluid moving along a spectrum, and you shouldn’t have to wait for the storm to pass to heal.

Several years ago, I received a call from a woman who had asked me whether I still provided coaching, and would I coach her daughter. I shared with the woman that I no longer worked with individuals but rather spoke to audiences and intact teams within organizations. The woman reminded me that I had coached her son many years ago with great success. But that didn’t sway me into wanting to take a coaching assignment. However, the mother became persistent and shared with me that her daughter attempted suicide because she was terminated from a job after a series of events that occurred, and she wasn’t recovering. This intrigued me and I took the case. I worked with the young woman for several months. Over time the young lady was relying less on medication prescribed by a psychiatrist; she blossomed like a butterfly and within time she was able to enter back into the job market based on the journey I took with her. This was a breakthrough relationship for both me and the young woman, as I discovered my true purpose which is mind wellness and she recovered.

Individual One on One Session(s)

I work with individuals to help them understand and manage a diagnosis or recognize an emotional breakdown. What most people need is someone who can do more than listen, but also provide insight and support that is non-traditional such as the use of transformation coaching techniques, guided meditation, natural supplements, spirituality, visualization activities and customized assignments based on your issues, etc.

Through one-on-one sessions, I provide a loving space for you to be completely transparent without judgement. My job is to listen and then share with you tools and techniques that will help alleviate depression, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, and/or PTSD. It’s a relationship; whereby, I check in with you, give homework assignments that will challenge you to step into your greatness by seeing, believing, doing and creating things that are for your highest good.

It is recommended to have a weekly appointment to review homework assignments, address new or reoccurring issues and to maintain momentum. If you want someone to merely listen and not provide suggestion or support, I’m not a good fit for you. Healing is a process.

Group Sessions

Sometimes, you simply need to connect with others on a deeper level in a trusting environment. I facilitate group sessions so that you can share your inner most thoughts and feelings and more importantly be heard. The group provides suggestions and encouragement, but the real focus is connecting for inner strength.

Loved One Support Session

When someone special to you is struggling but you don’t know what to do, then it’s time for us to have a conversation. Our session(s) will help you to understand how to cope and handle a relationship with someone who has mental health challenges. We’ll discuss why your well-meaning encouragement, tough love, sympathy, etc. doesn’t always work, and how to appropriately support a person who is struggling with mental health issues.

Dr. Indigo Mind Wellness Services

For Organizations

An employer may notice increased absenteeism, low performance, aggressive behaviors or isolation that impacts a team’s productivity; thus, costing the organization money in time and resources. According to statistics one in four people have a mental illness. This does not mean that people are only affected when they finish work. People are in the workplace with mental health disorders, and often these employees face incredible challenges in the workplace and are misunderstood, as well as underutilized.

Training Workshops

Managing Behaviors that Impact Your Bottom Line

Often organizations are confronted with behaviors that lower morale, impact performance, minimize productivity, and leave managers feeling at a loss. This workshop teaches participants how to recognize behaviors that are counterproductive that may stem from a mental health challenge. Participants will examine:

  • How to manage conflict attributed to a team member’s mental state.
  • How to communicate with compassion based on observations.
  • How to resolve a disconnect between what is happening and what is needed on the job.
  • Managers will learn how to manage within a diverse workforce.
  • Managers will develop skills to help employees experiencing various issues.

Improving Performance and Productivity: Minimizing Stress

The ways in which employees respond and/or react to various circumstances in life and on the job are indicators of how healthy they are either physically or emotionally. Controlling and reducing stress in one’s life will create wellbeing personally and professionally. This workshop is a self-introspection seminar to help participants understand the effects of stress, pressure, depression and other influences that are normal but can cause serious problems if not controlled and/or reduced. This session equips participants with tools to maintain balance and mind wellness.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Not Just a Military Issue

The world has been thrown in a very unpredictable and scary situation. It’s not enough to be told that everything will be okay. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is not a military disorder: it can be caused by a variety of events or exposure to trauma which then can manifest in many ways such as anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness, lack of concentration, and more depending on you and the trauma. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize such and often go untreated.  This session will inspire people to embrace their mental health condition to cope and manage their mental well-being. Participants will learn how to move from surviving to thriving in the workplace.

Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving

Organizations have moved from Intellectual Quotient (IQ) to Emotional Quotient (EQ) and are now entering a phase wherein Resilient Quotient (RQ) is critical for sustainability. It is imperative for professionals to be resilient and help their organization weather storms. Now more than ever people must be able to handle disappointments, failures, mistakes, etc., coupled with EQ to bounce back and move forward. It’s relatively easy to be a success when everything is coming together, but how people move forward when things around them begin to unravel will be the mark of true success coupled with performance and productivity.

One-on-One Abbreviated Coaching

My sessions are specifically designed for people who are at the end of their rope and experiencing some form of mental health challenge(s). I work with employees for a short duration of up to six months. If coaching that stems from a mental health challenge is still needed after six months, I’ll recommend that the coaching candidate meets with a therapist or psychiatrist. My coaching is focused on behaviors that are impacting performance and productivity. My primary goal is helping a candidate achieve positive change. Through a variety of assessments, exercises and one-on-one sessions, individuals are exposed to new ways of practicing new behaviors.

Dr. Indigo Mind Wellness Services

Speaking Engagements

Equipping People with Tools to Manage Mental Health Challenges

Mental health has a broad range and through transparency and candidness, I create a safe space for people to explore real world mental health issues.  I give a voice to what others have been unable to speak of by removing the stigma to address real and current issues of mental health challenges.  I give suggestions and steps on how to manage one’s mental health, especially in the workplace. 

Participants will walk away with an ability to have true mind wellness based on:

  • Exploring how to manage one’s emotions when both personal and professional lives collide.
  • Participants learning how to choose behaviors that support their goals and objectives.
  • Participants gathering knowledge about mental health and self-awareness to promote change.

Speaking Topics

Dueling Dragons: Managing the Emotional Rollercoaster

I discuss how after a series of life-stressors, I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Even though my mental health challenge supported my career, it derailed my life. I built a multi-million-dollar enterprise believing that I was normal all the while experiencing thoughts and behaviors that  made me feel as if I was losing my mind. Many around me believed that I was just a ‘quirky’ successful entrepreneur, but I began to sense that there was something much deeper than that and sought help. My story weaves you through how I lost nearly everything that I thought was of value but managed to find myself and sanity through recovery and daily practices. I now teach audiences how to gain and sustain mental wellness. I infuse my background in psychology and doctorial research on mental health with a lifetime of riding on a mental rollercoaster to help others. This presentation helps people to embrace mental health and have the courage to seek help and do the hard work.

Tapping into Resilience: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

At any given time, you are either going into a storm, in a storm or coming out of a storm. The pandemic is a worldwide storm. Several years ago, the perfect storm blew into my life. I was pushed out of America and blew into Asia. I was able to rebound and rebuild to keep moving forward. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to be resilient. It is something we discover and develop after each storm, while some may perish. This session teaches audiences how to weather a storm, how to incorporate techniques that will allow you to find peace and balance during a storm and how to overcome hurdles and barriers that prevent you from living your best life despite the storm. This talk allows you to see that the storm will pass and just above the clouds the sun is still there. It’s about resilience with a foundation of faith/hope.

Freeing the Mind: Forgiveness and Letting Go

Forgiveness is something that every doctrine of peace subscribes to, but nothing tells us how. Holding on to any negative emotions caused by what someone did or did not do will create obstacles. This creates resentment, fear and anger as we are tossed about not knowing what to do or how to deal with something that often makes us feel alone, vulnerable and exposed. I developed a technique to release yourself from the jail cell in which you hold the key based on my research and lived experience.  This session which will provide an understanding of the psychology of why people have difficulty in forgiving and techniques to forgive and let go that can be practiced routinely. We examine the beauty of stepping into the flow and finding your purpose from the message in the mess.

Dueling Dragons

Dueling Dragons takes the reader on a personal and professional journey from the darkness into the light. It takes a poignant look at what life is like for a business woman with bipolar disorder who goes into denial which leads to a life lived similar to a rollercoaster ride. There are classic behavioral examples of how a person with bipolar disorder thinks and behaves, which is a blessing and a curse. This book details the author’s mania and depression of bipolar disorder in a refreshingly blunt and hilariously honest way that causes the reader to actually feel as if s/he is experiencing the journey along with the author. This book is a must read for anyone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and for those who support and love someone with bipolar disorder. The book gives not only a front seat to the author’s near madness, but practical solutions and techniques to manage the disorder.

Gathering Space

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