Experiencing Joy from the Inside Out

by Indigo

Are you happy?

Happiness isn’t elusive; however, in reality many peopledon’t experience joy unless something occurs as if they received a happy fix. This simply means you have to be stimulated, experience a spike in feeling great, and then level set until something else occurs. That makes joy reliant on external factors. What could be the problem is that the things that you are doing are not aligned with your higher self. For example, you say that you want that prime promotion but that requires acquiring new skills, but you keep turning down projects because you are busy doing the same thing day in and day out; there my friend is a disconnect. You say that you want to be in a relationship, but you refuse to step into today’s dating ring; there’s a disconnect. Often people experience a disconnect with joy when their desires don’t align with their action.

Take a step back for a moment – assess what you do and why you do it, you may discover that you are a hamster on a wheel in a Habitrail (cage). Sure, you are moving and from the outside looking in, you even look busy. However, you aren’t moving forward. And, more than likely you aren’t experiencing joy on a regular basis. I would like to help you step into your greatness. Read on to learn 3 very simple things that you can practice over the next 28 days to move closer to experiencing joy in your life:

1. You must learn to be alone to eliminate feelings 1. of loneliness

Do you find that you seek to be around people or you feel lonely? This takes the form of a social meet-up with people even when you’re tired, being in associations that don’t truly fulfil you, etc. According to Harvard Researcher in an article titled Good Genes Are Nice, But Joy Is Better, “Those who kept warm relationships got to live longer and happier,” said Waldinger, and the loners often died earlier.  Loneliness kills,” he said. “It’s as powerful as smoking or You must learn to be alone to eliminate feelings 1. of loneliness alcoholism.” There is a difference between lonely and being alone. People simply aren’t spending enough time being alone; thus, some people don’t know how to be alone and feel lonely when alone. I challenge you to take one night a week to go home and be with yourself. What you do with yourself is entirely up to you but give you some “me time”. Joy comes when you are happy hanging out with yourself. I’ll discuss the importance of this more deeply in another article.

2. Be active with things that are truly meaningful

I had on my business card over 20 years ago, “Learn to Listen to Your Inner Voice for It is God Whispering to Your Soul.” What is your inner voice calling you to do, and are you listening and answering the call? It doesn’t have to be something as life altering as quitting your job or moving to another continent, but it could be taking on a new role in your company, spending more time with your children and not using work or the ‘Help’ as an excuse, it may mean leaving a relationship that no longer feeds your soul, starting a hobby, or it may mean being still and listening to yourself.

3. Understand what brings you joy

If you are chasing the dream but have not truly identified what makes you tick, you may get what you are chasing and be ticked off. What you think may be a dream may become a nightmare. Spend time identifying the moments you felt your best and what types of people were around, what were the circumstance and what did ‘joy’ at that moment feel like. That’s important. Become clear about what you want, what it looks like and how it feels.
You need to understand what joy is and what joy is not. When you know what brings you joy you will be less inclined to accept and embrace that which doesn’t bring you joy.

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