Conquering the Inner Struggle for Change

by Indigo

When Your Spirit is Calling You, How Will You Answer?

A ‘perfect storm’ doesn’t move through everyone’s life but we all experience storms and rain showers ranging from a divorce to a job transition. Occurrences in life often causes us to have doubt, insecurity, impostor syndrome, etc. but what if it is really our wake-up call to move on to something better. In my previous MindSpace Messages,”Are You Answering the Call?”, I discussed how I tucked away disasters that turned my life inside out and ‘got on with it’. But, moving on and seeing the message in the mess is not the same. Instead of stepping back to see why the winds are blowing us in a certain direction or pulling us to something, we often dig in and do what we already know or what brings comfort or perceivable success.

Answering the call is about asking yourself the tough questions, and the most consequential question is ‘What is my purpose?’, so that you can address the inner conflict or storm that is pulling you towards change. It is about getting to your next, and less about getting on with it: and, that is change!

In short, making your time count wherever you are is a key milestone of stepping into your greatness. If you find yourself struggling with what is your next you are probably getting the call to step into your greatness. Now, keep in mind none of this is either good or bad; it is how we choose to deal with this level of uncertainty that we experience when we sense that something needs to change. Here is a case scenario: I was planning to go hard in marketing my change management program. I could make good money on it, but I noticed that it felt as if someone sucked the air out of the room whenever I would even think about servicing a change management contract while I became giddy when I discussed mental wellness. Using my situation, there was a mind, body and spirit connection that I want you to think about for yourself:

Mind – When you visualize a certain area(s ) of your life do you experience negative or positive thoughts? For me, I felt energized when I thought about mental wellness, while the services I ordinarily offered caused frustration and stress. You may feel uncomfortable or excited because your mind is processing that you want change. Even if you are good at something or can earn money at it doesn’t mean that you should be doing it, and your mind knows it.

Body – What sort of sensations do you feel when you think about or find yourself in a situation? I became sad planning my marketing strategy for a service that I could easily do but didn’t want to do. You may feel butterflies, nervousness, headache or happiness – which is the body sending signals because it is attempting to deal with what you are thinking/doing in a physical way. In some cases, it can even be hives. The more I started working towards something I really didn’t want to do, I had physical reactions such as hives. Yikes… you gotta listen to your body. If you are energized when you do something that you love but it can’t pay the bills, figure out how to monetize it or incorporate more of it into your day.

Spirit (Higher-Self) – Is there a gut reaction when you think, speak or do something? That is your spirit speaking to you. It can be a gentle voice or a gut feeling. This can take the form of a heaviness that weighs you down or a lightness that makes you feel secure. Listen to what spirit is saying to you. You’ll know it because it is slightly different than self talk: it’s almost like a feeling.

Here are two tips to help you answer the call to minimize the struggle and step into your greatness:

Put Things Into Perspective

This will help alleviate stress when you see things as they are and not based on perception. Then take the next step to see things differently. “When we change the way we see things, the things we see will change,” Wayne Dyer.

Rest your mind by expanding your scope; allow your next step to come into view like a kaleidoscope. As you turn the lens, things will seem to fall into place and different ideas/perspectives will appear; thus, giving you options. Don’t be afraid to turn the lens and even shake things up for yourself.

The definition of crazy is to do the same thing and expect different results.  You must first start to see things differently to do things differently.

Accept That Change is Necessary

Sometimes, what is holding us back is our unwillingness to let things go. We even lament over the loss of something that we knew wasn’t good for us. Keep in mind that rejection is often protection. I knew it was time to take mental wellness by the reigns based on incidents that may have seemed coincidental but were signs; such as doors closing on some things and different doors opening on other things, feeling alive when I discussed mental wellness and sensing a heavy burden when I planned things that didn’t align with my purpose.


Stepping into your greatness means you are moving and moving means change. The ultimate change is who you have become and who you will be as a result of answering the call. Spend time getting to know the you that you have become. Become aware of the you that is in this special place at this very special time and allow awareness to drive your action. It is then that you will actually be in the driver’s seat versus being a back-seat driver to your life or the passenger to someone else’s life.

Two key points that I want to drive home are, you can’t get what you need until you are ready to let go of what you don’t want; and see yourself through a new lens to see who you have become and not who you were.

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