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Business & Career Consulting

As a Performance Consultant, I educate adult learners through re-education.  People do not show up at work or their business as a blank slate, but rather people possess perceptions, ideas and beliefs that may or may not be accurate or beneficial to an organization. You must be motivated to develop true self-awareness to facilitate moving beyond your own existing paradigm whether you are a business owner, a professional wanting to become promotable or a leader needing to improve performance. Appropriate services linked with assessments, profiles, coaching and support profoundly increase commitment and competence, enhances confidence through empowerment, forms accurate expectations, and stimulates creativity and innovativeness for sustainable success

Whether you are considering growth for professional or personal reasons, you will experience the following based on my services:

  • Take more effective and focused actions.
  • Live a more balanced life with less stress.
  • Enhance employee productivity, capability and innovation.
  • Boost your self-confidence.
  • Unleash your passion so that you can tap into your fullest potential.
  • Develop better interpersonal skills.
  • Leverage your personal power more effectively.

Achieving Business & Career Success

I have developed human capital solutions and business solutions to reoccurring issues. I assist clients in developing high performance based on the most current theories of organizational development, behavioral assessments and leadership development programs that I have created for organizations such as NASA, Department of Labor, Army Corps of Engineers, US Dept. of Education, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Protection Agency, Halliburton, and a host of other leading companies and small businesses.

In addition, I assist organizations and individuals in becoming aware of its and/or their current state and the performance gaps, i.e. the technical or behavioral challenges which must be overcome to experience sustainable success. My performance management or gap closing approach ensures that clients understand the performance gaps between their current output and the output required to meet the organization’s mission and goals; while recognizing the impact of internal and external factors which affect productivity.

I use an intuitive four-phase consulting model to improve performance and increase productivity personally and professionally. 

This model is the foundation of my company 4D Performance:

Identifying performance problems from various vantage points

Providing solutions to performance problems; i.e. behavioral assessments, training, coaching, facilitation, and performance improvement evaluations

Coaching with relevant and practical methods and techniques

Meeting clients where they are in their career or business journey to provide results

Business & Career Expertise

Dr. Indigo’s Consulting Footprint

My dynamic personality and irrefutable expertise are the reputation that catapulted my career and placed me on international stages. I owned and operated, Careers In Transition, Inc., a successful Performance Management consulting firm that provided wise strategies for performance and productivity. In 2016, I launched 4D Performance in Asia based on the many opportunities to support its growth and development in the global economy. I infuse my company’s methodology 4D in all that I do. It is a foundation for results:  Diagnose, Design, Develop and Deliver.

Based on my leadership, my company thrived and experienced consistent growth, becoming an indispensable resource for federal agencies and organisations by positively impacting their bottom lines. Despite three significant personal and professional storms, I experienced success. My company was recognized as a Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. Magazine in 2012 and 2013, and top 1,000 in 2014 which is huge considering there were, “Almost 28 million small businesses in the US,” according to FORBES Magazine.  Careers In Transition, Inc., was ranked 239th on the Inc. list. That is 239th out of 28 million.

Business & Career Services

Growth Capacity Consulting

Small to Medium Enterprise and Entrepreneurs  

There is a myriad of reasons for a company to not transition into a growth firm. My commitment will be to support leadership in identifying current state and ideal state to bridge the two for seamless results for experiencing growth.

I will share proven success methods to increase clarity of organizational roles and functions, and highlight the correct environment, context and culture that will optimize performance. My work increases employee engagement, productivity and responsiveness, and facilitates a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

I will design a package to help you, as a business owner/entrepreneur to improve results and experience growth by addressing a multitude of areas such as business development, sales and marketing, HR management and development and more.

Initially, when business owners launch their company, the biggest concern ranges from an effective business card to who will buy their product or service. After, things settled, they had to choose between being an entrepreneur or solopreneur. This meant taking a journey independently or to acquire talent to help them stay in business. Then a profit was achieved, and the owner shifted from working in the business to managing the business. Then another shift occurred where their core group of employees needed to manage people causing them to move from doers to managers and then leaders, as well. Where it becomes difficult is when employees start having expectations that the company cannot fulfil, they aren’t aligned with the owner’s vision and expectations, and/or they lack the wherewithal to make the leap with the leader.  There is a myriad of reasons for a company to not transition into a growth firm. My services will be to support leadership in identifying current state and ideal state to bridge the two for seamless results for experiencing growth.

Career Coaching  

What is coaching? Coaching is a unique alliance between you and me to empower you in creating a more successful career and becoming promotable. My process begins by gathering information about you in terms of your strengths and areas that may need improvement. At that point, a profile is created for us to review and collectively establish an action plan to support you in meeting your goals and objectives.

The key to attaining ongoing and sustainable success requires more than just following a cookbook list of sequential behaviors. Coaching is about changing behaviors, which is through a one-on-one relationship between us so that you learn career development strategies, tactics and techniques.

Leadership Coaching   

Executive Coaching is a tool to assists professionals in recognizing their talents, strengths, and weaknesses, while attaining new skills for personal and professional development. Upper management is expected to possess a set of competencies required by all organizations seeking to remain competitive. These competencies are usually skills that build upon one another, which means coaching results take time. You will receive an assessment(s) to measure anything ranging from communication style, personality traits, identifying fears to finding your strengths, etc.; all depending on what you want to address. Through these assessments you will receive practical real-time and real-world advice that will empower you, help you set goals and identify the best path to take in dealing with your individual and unique situation. This level of attention is based on going to the heart of a situation. We look at behaviors and then examine the root cause(s) behind those behaviors to create change. Our sessions allow for role playing, reflection, and room for exploration in a non-judgmental and nurturing space.
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