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Dr. Indigo’s Purpose Driven Services

You’ve talked to people in hopes of getting an answer and guidance, but no one seems to get it. I Get It!

What people don’t understand is that…

  • People seem to be an expert as either a coach or counselor, but you want support, need guidance and seek solutions on matters that are creating obstacles and blocking your potential.
  • You are going through a storm personally and/or professionally and you just can’t seem to get your footing.
  • You are getting ‘the call’ to live your purpose and you need a little guidance and support to move in the right direction.

You want support, need guidance and seek solutions on matters that are creating obstacles and blockage, but most people are experts in one space. If your situation is as unique as you are and you need someone who will walk along side of you in resolving and managing whatever circumstance you are encountering, you have been led to connect with me. People are complex and life can be complicated, but solutions need to be practical.

My radically authentic and transparent way of making sure you are valued, respected and heard is just the beginning of a life changing experience. I specialize in helping you to step into your greatness professionally and live your best life personally. I infuse success practices of the West with wellness principles of the East.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I’d be honoured to work with you.

Dr. Indigo ‘The $18 Million Dollar Woman’

I possess 20+ years of successfully owning and operating businesses in the United States and Malaysia. I led my company to being recognized as a Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. Magazine in 2012 and 2013, and top 1,000 in 2014 which is huge considering there were, “Almost 28 million small businesses in the US,” according to FORBES Magazine.
My company, Careers In Transition, Inc., was ranked 239th on the Inc. 500 List. That is 239th out of 28 million. I know how to achieve measurable success to help you in your quest.

I’ve been featured on Fox News, New York Times, Huffington Post, FEMINA and many other media outlets that took notice of my ability to grow and manage a multi million dollar performance management consulting firm. I was coined the $18 Million Dollar Woman by Ebony Magazine.

My Methodology & Philosophy

I earned a PhD in Values Driven Leadership with an emphasis in mental health, which I utilize to help you become more effective personally and professionally. My methodology is based on the values of positive psychology, ethics/integrity, servant leadership, etc. These are the cornerstones of my practice and what I instill in my client relationships. I show you how success and wellness are values that don’t have to be diametrically opposed.

I was born with the gift of insight to inspire others, which I weave through everything that I do. Despite popular opinion, I tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear. I make the implicit explicit. 

I am committed to your success by standing along side of you on life’s journey. My intentions are to support you, guide you and liberate you. This means that your relationship is designed for results.

As a renowned Speaker, I am hilariously honest and refreshingly blunt giving a professional twist that captures my audience’s imagination and inspires their spirit. I have spoken  at Google-Singapore, International SOS, Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI), Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, Icon, British Malaysia Chamber of Commerce, Petrofac, PrimeTime-Singapore, University of Hong Kong, and other organisations, in Asia.

Please visit my Resource page to view videos, read articles about me and hear my thoughts, as well.


Dr. Indigo has written a three-part book series titled, Playing by the Unwritten Rules. Her books are purchased on Amazon and directly by clients such as Pentagon, Time Warner, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc., Turner, Sodexo, NASA, Office of Personnel Management, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Census Bureau and many more. Her books are purchased in quantities as small as one book per order to 1,000 books ordered at one time by clients. Her mental health book, Dueling Dragons: A Bipolar Journey from the Darkness into the Light is purchased by colleges, mental health facilities, and people throughout the world who are battling or living with someone with a mental health disorder. It is grounded in research and serves as a resource for healing and managing mental dis-ease.